Welcome to the Wedding Officiant website.  I provide wedding officiating and I am an ordained wedding minister and also provide pre-marital services.  Do you need a wedding officiant for your upcoming wedding?

Officiating at weddings grew out of my private practice as an interdenominational spiritual director. As I was meeting with individuals and couples I would often ask people to tell me about their wedding day. I discovered while talking with people that the focus of their wedding day was most often placed on the reception and the ceremony was tossed to the side and given their left over energy. This was an “aha” moment for me – I had found a life calling I would start officiating at weddings. I love the quote from Engaged Encounter International, “A wedding is a day a marriage is a lifetime.” I want the words spoken at a wedding ceremony to be words that will resonate with a couple throughout their marriage. I love to dance the funky chicken at receptions as much as anyone else but my skills and passion are in helping couples create a wedding ceremony that is loving and poignant and most importantly the focal point of the day.

Your wedding ceremony sets the tone of this joyous event.  It’s important to find a wedding minister that fits your personalities as a couple.  It’s also important to find a professional that will make sure everything runs smoothly at your ceremony.  Please contact me for your get-to-know one another consultation.

About Heather Ann Mack

I was born in the District of Columbia, raised on the East Coast until moving to Seattle in high school. I graduated from Regis University in Denver with a BA in Religious Studies and Sociology. Following graduation from Regis I spent a year volunteering in a mental health clinic in Sitka, Alaska. While in Alaska I decided that at the completion of my volunteer year I would return to Seattle for graduate school. I received my master’s degree from Seattle University in Pastoral Studies and Spirituality.

With my MA in hand I moved to Idaho and spent four years as a youth minister for a three church consortium. I met my husband in Idaho and we now have two daughters.

I have also worked as a job coach for individuals with disabilities and have served as a domestic violence counselor in Seattle and taught preschoolers in Oregon.

My husband, daughters and I have lived in Hillsboro, Oregon for two years. We love to hike and ski in the Northwest. We also like to bake and celebrate everyday rituals .

I am licensed to officiate at weddings through the American Fellowship Church based in Carmel, CA.

Meet Heather!

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